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last race footage and some picturessss
2010/06/09, 8:50pm
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mike finally found the time to finish getting the footage from may’s race online!

it’s got me super stoked for the next race! now that i have the variators starting at the bottom of their range i should have sooo much more low end and top speed! finally gunna give those derbies a run for their money! well, assuming i can get comfortable on the bike.. you can kinda tell in that video that i’m not super confident in the corners on it just yet, not like i was on the ciao.. but every lap gets better!

anyway, here’s some pictures. this is the ‘after’ of my gila head after we lathed it. i’m not sure what we did wrong, we either forgot to account for the head gasket thickness i used when taking the squish sample or something, cos my squish is .5mm higher than i wanted.. which was 1mm. so it looks like i’ll be running a head gasket anyway until we get around to fixing it again. at least the squish is the right taper for the piston now, and the piston won’t hit the head!

the modified head on the left vs a stock puch gila head on the right.

and here’s a side by side of a stock hobbit clutch bell/pulley vs the one we turned out. stock pulley cheek is 15deg, the new cheek is 12.5.

as i said before, tony also lathed 1mm off the clutch bell itself to save weight.

i’d say we cut a fair amount of weight off the thing!

i also took the opportunity to check out the clutch.

all three pads have even wear all across the clutch surface, so that’s awesome! they were pretty glazed, though, so i sanded them down. i figure i’ll probably be sanding them after every race or so.. if i could get my hands on an electric impact gun i’d be sanding them between heats! having a fresh surface on the clutch makes the hugest difference ever!

the only thing holding me back from riding it around the shop right now is not having a head gasket for it. once i can get my hands on one, i’ll have it back together and i’ll take some videos of it in action! excited? you are, huh!

oh, and i ran my throttle cable and got the carb back on there as it belongs. every time i take a picture of that area on the bike, the picture ends up being way confusing to look at.. hope you can tell what’s going on ok..

well, that’s it for today. more later!

ps, if this blog keeps looking all weird all of a sudden, it’s cos i’m trying out new themes. seems like every moped wordpress blog has the same theme and i wanna find something different, EXCEPT ALL WORDPRESS THEMES SUCK ASS! frustrating.


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Comment by westseattleryan

Ryan likes your update and race footy

Comment by westseattleryan

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